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McAfee Intel Channel Retail Card

Follow the given web addresses if you are having other McAfee Retail Card Product Versions.

Install The Purchased McAfee Intel Channel Retail Card Without Any Hassles By Undergoing The Simple Steps

McAfee antiviruses are popular to secure the different systems by detecting and removing malwares and viruses. McAfee antiviruses can be used on any system like computer, cell phones and on any platform like windows, mac etc. McAfee is combined with intel security. McAfee along with intel security offers variety of services in systems like data protection and encryption, Email-security, network and server security, mobile security and many more. As an Intel Security partner, user will gain from the expertise of McAfee with the innovation and proven performance of Intel. As a McAfee, We are building a safe, secure digital world with products that integrate security to protect every layer of system from chip to whole system.

McAfee with intel security provides various free trials and free tools for their customers. Free trials are available for different platforms like windows, Linux and free  anti malware tools like GetSusp, RootKit Remover, BETA etc.McAfee with intel security is also designed for small business(SMB).SMB involves protection for 250 or less devices of different devices belonging to different platforms.

One need to redeem this McAfee Intel Channel Retail Card in order to install and activate it. There are certain steps to install McAfee intel security which are as follows-

  1. The first step is to go on this site-
  1. The very next step is to enter the product key code written on the card.
  1. After submitting the product key, one need to enter the email-id.
  1. After all this, one need to choose a McAfee password if he/she is new user otherwise if they are old users they need to provide/ enter their old password of McAfee.
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