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Follow the give web addresses if you are having other McAfee Retail Card Product Versions.

Radioshack  mcafee VRS
RadioShack is chain of American electronics stores is one the reseller partner of Mcafee provides the Mcafee retail card antivirus for the consumer with advanced security benefits for the user. These are the limited edition cards which require the online activation for the mcafee antivirus product to work in the devices. This security product comes in with the retailcard  Radio shack  mcafee which we have to redeem we do not get a cd to activate the subscription as we are getting an updated software in it.
With many latest and advanced security features in this mcafee retail card we get the vrs which stands for the virus removal service along with that 1 year subscription with it. If your computer is affected by the virus then after activation of this card there is no worry of word like virus, malware and spyware. This retail card product Radioshack  mcafee VRS has a heuristic scan technology in it.
• To activate the retail card simply go to the web address which is on the card looks like Radioshack  mcafee
• Enter the 25-digit product key at the back of your card.
• Create a mcafee account.If you have purchased mcafee products in the past you just need to login to your account.
• Fill all the required information and the mcafee product  Radioshack  mcafee VRS will take through a customized information wizard.

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